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1960-D MS64 Near full steps! †

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Price: $2,100.00
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The thing about selling a coin like this so cheap, it could find its way into a PCGS FS holder and be worth 10-15 times more. Also, when anyone claims their coin has almost or near full steps, this is what they should look like. Someone recently touted, that won't FS!! My reply. "Big whoopee-do! Do you have one that's even close to this one?" I've been fortunate to have landed two over my 27+ years collecting this series. Add up your time and gas and dining, hotel and parking fees for the larger shows, the price for this rarity will look cheap. Go check PCGS Coinfacts to see what's been certified and get back to me. And you best hurry, as time goes by, I just might increase the price.