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1960-D MS64 Full Steps! †

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The nightmare about selling a scarce coin like this cheap, it could come back to haunt me if it found its way into a FS holder and be worth many times more. I'm not a frequent flyer. Also, when anyone claims their coin has almost or near full steps, this is what they should look like. Someone recently touted, that won't FS!! My reply. "Well, maybe but have you ever seen one that's even close to this one?" I've been fortunate to have landed two 1960-D's with presentable steps over a course of 27+ years. Truth is, both coins came from two other collections. But add up all your time, gas and dining, hotel and parking fees for the larger shows and the hours upon hours spent searching for this date, the price for this rarity will look cheap. Go check PCGS Coinfacts to see what's been certified and get back to me. The thing is, you are either going to agree with me or not. But if you do, you do so knowing that others could possibly agree with you as well. This is how it works! It also helps to have a great love for the rarest of Jefferson nickels, even when others fail to see it and don't agree with you. They either share in your knowledge and experience or they do not. This is the only difference in one's beliefs on how a coin grades.

For the exception of the area below the 2nd pillar which is a common bridge seen on most dates from 1960 to 1966 due to that missing detail in that area of the working die, all the rest of the incused lines for the steps are present. But there is a pesky mark at center steps. But it's part of the original planchet surface, a curvy planchet mark, not a straight line deep cut that will usually disqualify the steps. And at other angles at high magnification, there are less intruding marks. A buyer once offered $900 but I am aware of the fact that if someone else gets this coin in a FS holder, the coin would be valued at $28,000+. So.....I don't usually do this but for this coin due to that mark on the steps if you can't get it to FS, I'll refund 90% of your money. Call it, the "Rent a Coin service" You pay 14000 and when you give up, I'll refund 12600.......once I receive the coin back.