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1942-D/D Horizontal D MS65 FS-501 Sold

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Availability: Rare high grade.

Here's my history with the D/Horizontal D but first, a little information on the coin/variety. Back in those days they would stamp the mint mark into the die. In this case, the mint mark was stamped clockwise 90 degrees where the loop of the letter D is facing down. To correct this error, another D was stamped over the top of the horizontal D, hence the name of the variety.

  In early 2000 I took photos of a potential MS66FS example. A second coin I found on ebay that started out in an AU58 holder, eventually graded MS63FS. A third coin, another AU58, came from a collector who was going through a divorce through ebay. He did not want his wife to get his coins so I paid only half what the coin was worth at that time. And it's a nicely struck example with ample golden luster with a touch of magenta, chartreuse greens. :) But there is definitely some wear to keep it in its present holder.

  The BU coin being offered comes from an old blue Jefferson nickel Whitman folder that has a pleasant obverse with a more lifeless reverse from sitting in a folder next to the paper backing. Nice rare details on this one, all the way up Jefferson's hair. And there are no major marks on the obverse but two hard to find nicks on the reverse. Steps are present but not full. If the reverse had the same luster as the obverse, it would grade MS66 but it does not, reason for a MS65 grade. But I can see ohers grading it MS64. A 65 grade values at $10-11,000, I'm asking for a lot less. The coin could use a little cleaning. There are touches of gold toning. Someone with a whole lot of more time and patience can have all the fun certifying this one but maybe someone would like to keep it raw. What a great way to add an affordable high grade example to your collection.

Mint state examples are extremely rare. It's a nice rare BU variety/coin and I feel belongs in another great collection. Don't pass up this great deal.