Collecting Full Step Jefferson Nickels
Jefferson Nickels Full Strikes 4 to 6 Full Steps FS

Hi, Welcome to my website. I have collected Jefferson nickels for 27+ years, since the early 1990's. I had, up til 2012, one of the best collection around. But due to age and health problems I decided to call it quits and pass my coins onto other collectors. I still attend a coin show now and then to cherry-pick some coins. But here's how it usually goes. If you like something in my listing, just send an email with any questions or to to get a total price on shipping and handling. All information is kept private as long as the transaction goes smoothly. Again, I'll be glad to help with any questions but on the simpler inquiries, like, what are full steps?, what grade is my coin?, there are many websites and books that have paid a greater devotion in supplying those answers. Let your experience be your guide for what you can reasonable expect will be your best coin. But I will try to help you to the best of my ability as long as you show an interest. Happy hunting to you. Regards Leo

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Terms of sales. 

Product   Price
1976 MS64 5445 QSC   $11.00
1977 MS65 Steps Toned   $7.50
1977 MS64 Steps   $3.00
1977 MS62 Light T   $0.25
1977 MS65 5444 QSC Light Toned †   $42.00
1977 MS63 Light Toned   $3.00
1977 MS63 Light Toned   $3.00
1977-D MS64 5+ Steps nick   $8.00
1978 MS64 5445 QSC   $8.50
1978 MS64 5545 QSC nicks Toned †   $32.00
1978 MS64 5545 QSC   $7.50
1978 MS64 4+ Steps   $8.50
1978 MS64 4+ Steps   $7.50
1978 MS63 5444 Steps Light toned   $3.00
1978 MS63 4+ Steps Light toned   $3.00
1978 MS63 5444 Steps Light Toned   $7.00
1978 MS63 Toned   $8.00
1978-D MS64 5444 QSC Steps scrape on obv. free   No Price
1979 MS64 5- Steps nick Lightly toned   $15.00
1980-P MS65 Steps Toned †   $30.00
1980-P MS65 4.5 Steps Light toning †   $30.00
1980-P MS64 Steps   $5.00
1980-P MS64 Steps Light toned   $8.00
1980-P MS64 Steps   $8.00
1980-P MS64 5- Steps   $15.00
1980-P MS64 Nicely toned!   $22.00
1980-P MS64 Steps Toned   $9.00
1980-P MS65 Nicely toned!   $28.00
1980-P MS63 5- Steps   $5.00
1980-P MS62 Toned!   $0.25
1980-P MS63 Light toned!   $0.50
1980-D MS65   $16.00
1980-D MS65 5 Steps †   $52.00
1980-D MS64 Steps   $8.00
1980-D MS64 4.5 Steps   $12.00
1980-D MS63 5- Steps   $1.00
1981-P MS63 3+ Steps   $4.00
1981-P MS63 3+ Steps   $4.00
1981-P MS64 3 Steps   $5.00
1981-P MS63 Nicely toned!   $7.50
1982P Modified Obverse of 1977 Unmodified Reverse of 1977 With 5 Nice Steps † Make Offer   $10,000.00
1984-D MS65 5- Steps nick   $15.00
1985-P MS66 5 Steps †   $56.00
1985-P MS65 5- Steps nick   $21.00
1985-D MS65 5- Steps nick   $18.00
1986-D MS64 5 Steps SOLD   $25.00
1987-P MS66 5 Steps   $45.00
1987-P MS66 6 Steps †   $125.00
1987-P MS65 5+ Steps   $30.00
1995-D MS65 6 Steps †   $42.00

To place an order;

I realize my listings don't change much but I do have other higher grade coins.

See Picture

Oftentimes I receive emails from collectors wanting me to buy some coins and many times they don't provide adequate pictures or descriptions. So to save a few some time, the following is usually my typical response.

Hi   ?

I would be interested if they grade MS65 similar to the following pictures;

Also take note, the first two coins have one thing or another preventing a FS designation.

(I'll usually send back a couple of photos to help illustrate the kind of coin I'm looking for)

If you would like me to have a look at them, you would need to send them and pay postage both ways in the event

I would need to return them.

(I have had a few collectors send me their coins for review. I have bought very few.)

This is the only way I could make a determination on their quality and value.

And tell you if I would have an interest in them.

(And I don't care who has graded them unless, of course, you're an old timer and regular who has come to understand our descriptive coin grading language.)

I know how the photography of coins is very difficult. But I need to see the strike, condition and luster and the steps before committing to buying any coins.

I can say, I wouldn’t be interested if the coin(s) look beat up with many hits and marks of the sort or the strike is weak, where details on the coin are missing, lacking full luster.

Mainly, why I have provided the pictures. Hopefully you will be able to make the pictures larger when viewing them.

Regards, Leo